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  3. Thursday, 09 January 2020
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Thank you for answering my previous questions. I have a couple more.
Since the Bizen transistor is linked with the name Zener, one could recall that Zener diode can be a good source of noise.
On the other hand, it is stated here
that "Quantum tunneling is synonymous with the “zener” effect, and is a different physical process which generates less noise."
So, could the Bizen transistors be used for building low (medium) noise analog circuits?
The second question is: could this new device from IBM be considered as a competitor of Bizen?
T. H. Ning, "A perspective on SOI symmetric lateral bipolar transistors for ultra-low-power systems," IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society, 4(5), pp.227-235.
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Hi Alex

You're correct, while both devices are called Zener diodes, the noise issue is related to Avalanche mechanics whereas Zener tunnel mechanics allows for very compact analogue.

On your second question, Bizen targets time to market and price-sensitive markets. We deliberately avoided the use of SOI at the outset.

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Hi Alex,

Please understand with over 40 patents all heading to grant, we had to wait until confirmation of grant before we could provide more technical information for you.

The IBM process you referenced as a potential competitor to Bizen is a complimentary and I2L logic Bipolar process using SoI with a logic cell density no better than CMOS, or worse in the case of I2L due to increased interconnects.
In comparison Bizen Zpolar Tunnel Logic (ZTL) has a 30 times reduced logic cell area compared to CMOS. This is due in part to a reduced equivalent emitter area stemming from a reduced voltage swing and vastly increased transconductance of the Zpolar transistor compared to Bipolar.
Furthermore, Bizen reduces interconnect and active area by having features such as: stacked inputs, single transistor logic, lower peak currents, and shared power supply from the substrate (can't be done on SoI).

As stated previously, the Bizen process is less complex than CMOS or SoI processes, resulting in faster production time, quicker time-to-market and lower production cost.

Finally, the Bizen process combines Logic and Power on the same device. Bizen ZTL can be produced on a 180nm process node with the performance and area equivalent to a 35nm CMOS logic The same die can also contain high voltage silicon power devices with a 100V/ns switch rate and reduced on state power loss compared to Unipolar power devices.

In summary, we do not regard the IBM process as either similar or a competitor.

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