Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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When the input current is null, the transistor is open (conducts current) presumably into the next gate, which opens the next gate Zener diode and turn-off the next transistor. In this way, the base voltage of the first transistor is low (its Zener diode off) and the collector voltage is V_Z (Zener of the next gate is on) i.e. high. Results that base-collector junction of the first transistor is forward biased, i.e. the transistor is saturated. This is not good for the switching speed. :o Any comments?
4 years ago
Hi Miron
That is a great question, thank you for asking and in traditional bipolar you’re correct. It is not the case for Bizen. We will soon be releasing to the press actual performance figures in a follow-up article.
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